In Kenya Mangoes are mainly grown in Eastern and Coast regions; majority of produce is sold fresh with farmers incurring high post harvest losses. It is estimated that 36% of all mangoes in Kenya are lost every year due to poor post harvest handling, diseases, and bad weather during transportationAzuri Health Limited has partnered with The Save Food Initiative with the purpose of reducing mango waste. Through this project Azuri has expanded its operations to Thika in order to increase its mango production capacity resulting in the opening up of the export markets. Azuri is working in partnership with Technoserve Kenya with a pool of over 20,000 farmers who are able to supply high quality fresh fruit to our factory.


No Poverty

Through buying fresh produce from low income farmers and offering jobs in the processing hub for women and youth, Azuri Health is enabling these vulnerable groups to take care of their basic needs and alleviate them from poverty.

Zero Hunger

Through our scaled production of dried fruits and nutritious flours, Azuri is able to make available to all Kenyans affordable dried nutritious fruit and flour, therefore contributing to the zero hunger SDG that aims to end all forms of hunger and malnutrition by 2030, making sure all people have access to sufficient and nutritious food all year round.

Gender Equality

Through employing women workers in its processing hub, Azuri Health is addressing the inequalities in the labour market in Kenya and ensuring that women have equal access to jobs.

Responsible Consumption and Production

Through absorbing over 3,000 MT of mangoes and other fresh foods produced in Kenya that may have otherwise been left to spoil, Azuri aims at greatly reducing the per capita global food waste at the retail, supply and consumer levels. Azuri is also reducing food losses along production by introducing innovative and high value low cost products through utilizing all of the fruits, legumes and vegetables. No waste!