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Our Core Expertise Is In Natural Drying Of Horticultural Crops, Sales & Marketing, Distribution And Customer Service.



To become the tastiest, healthiest and most innovative fruit and vegetable processing social company in Africa.

Mission Statement

To harness our expertise and innovative energy to providing foods that are delicious and essential for life, health and growth to all of our customers, and to have foods that are sustainably processed, readily accessible to all making it our concern to encourage healthy living.

Our History
Azuri has its origins from Murang'a Women's Nutribusiness a project that was driven by USAID, University of Nairobi and Penn State University where Azuri worked to market the nutriporridge for the women. Currently Azuri has 9 products that support farmers and farmer groups to sustainably supply their raw or semi-processed produce.
Target Market

Azuri's target market is the family and the products are eaten as snacks (the dried fruits), cooked as porridge (Nutriporridge) or added as ingredients in cooking (sweet potato flour). The main channel of distribution is the supermarkets and private orders and the products are found in over 150 supermarkets in Carrefour, Chandarana, Naivas, Game, Souk and Mulleys supermarkets, Zucchini, Montys and many more shops and supermarkets in East Africa. The products are also used in hospitals, schools, bakeries, hotels and restaurants.

Product Analysis

Azuri's unique focus on creating dried fruit snacks and nutritious flours choices gives an advantage over competitors by giving customers a new range of products that are different from what the market is currently offering. The main range of products are Dried Mangoes, Dried Pineapple Passion, Dried Pineapple, Dried Tropical Fruit Mix, Nutriporridge Flour, Toto Tosha Uji Mix, Jamii Tosha Uji Mix, Sweet Potato Flour General Purpose and for Chapatti.

Why Azuri Products

We source from naturally grown tropical produce

We dry using stringent HACCP Principles

We ensure we maintain almost 100% of the nutrients in the products

We care about your health. Our products have zero fat, zero cholesterol, zero sodium, zero gluten

We strive to give our customers tasty and delectable products

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About the moment

About Azuri Health Ltd

Azuri Health Ltd   (“Azuri”) is a limited company that was established in 2010. It is located in the tropical land of Kenya where you find the finest produce from East Africa's most fertile land. Azuri commercially distributes and markets nutritious, naturally dried products from its own processing facility and those sourced from farmers. We are one of the largest providers of dried fruits in East Africa. Azuri develops products that are geared towards healthy eating choices for everyone.

Azuri aims to eliminate food wastage and empower farmers, especially women farmers, by improving market access and reducing post-harvest losses. This should lead to improved livelihoods.